What is boudoir photography?  At Cindy Gannon photography we consider boudoir photos to be any sexy image – whether fully clothed, in lingerie, or in a lot less – that emphasizes the beauty we all have.  It celebrates who you are whether you are a size 2 or size 20, it will make you feel and look your best.

I have been intrigued by showing off glamour and sex appeal in photography for a long time.   Once I started taking boudoir photographs it all clicked.  My goal is to give you a glamourous, sexy, classy photo similar to a Guess ad or a FHM magazine cover. I want to bring in you-the everyday girl and transform you into a model for the day.  Hair stylists, makeup artists and clothing consultation.  It is all there for you!  Let’s pay tribute to the beauty we all have – whether it’s that dimple in your cheek, your lips, or your great other features.  Modern boudoir photography is what will capture that.  Whether is a gift for a significant other or a gift for yourself – it is an amazing experience that all women leave feeling awesome about themselves!


Are you having a hard time thinking of what to give your soon to be husband?  A bridal boudoir session could be the best thing you could think of.  We can incorporate your wedding accessories and anything else that has meaning to your big day – are your colors purple and grey?  do you have a beach theme?  any of this can be brought into your photos.  And think how he will react when he opens that album – a romantic gift that you will both cherish for a lifetime.  He will be blown away by images of the woman he is about to marry….

Gift certificates are available – so men give them to your bride – plant the idea and see what you will get in return!


  • Get a good night’s sleep – this will  help with the base that our make-up artists are working on!
  • please bring multiple outfits – I can help you choose the best ones for your photographs.  You can include something of your partners that we can incorporate in a shoot – a favorite t-shirt, tie, motorcycle gear, sport.  This will really personalize your photographs.
  • heels will make you feel SEXY!!!  It never fails.
  • think of some poses before the session but I will definitely help you and direct you to the most flattering positions.
  • it is normal to feel nervous before your session.  I will chat with you during your hair and make-up styling and we can discuss what we are hoping to capture in your boudoir photography session.
  • do not hesitate to call or email me before you session.  I can answer all your questions and help with any issues you may have.

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