Edmonton Photography Services

Portrait Studio

Who really likes having their picture taken? Our clients DO!!! People have fun and feel welcome in our studio. Not only do we use top end state of the art equipment, but you feel welcome and at home. We create images with you and you go home with stunning portraits.

  • Ever been to New York? Our loft-like studio can handle groups of up to 30 people
  • Where’s your favorite place? We’ll come to you for your portraits
  • People like us so much they take us everywhere for their weddings
  • Family Portraits with a unique contemporary style…and guess what you’ll have fun!
  • Commercial images designed for you. The client…yes really, for you the client
  • Beautiful images of beautiful moms and beautiful babies. You’ll love our pregnancy & newborn shots
  • Are you a “Mens Health” cover model? Should you be on the cover of “Vogue”? Great!! We’ll make you feel like you should and you’ll love what you can show your partner

Passport Photos

Did you know that you’re not supposed to smile? We offer fully digital identification photos or passports while you wait! Color & Black and white photos available.
Canadian and US passport sizes available. For all other countries please provide documentation or papers indicating sizes and specifications.

Please call us in advance at (780) 969-6965 to book your appointment. (10AM – 6PM)


Tacky portraits, tacky frames, tacky albums. Let’s leave that up to the BIG BOX BOYS
Finish off your artwork by choosing an archival frame and matte, or a customized album from our premium selection. We provide a complete selection of custom, beautifully crafted frames & albums.

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