Family photos with the Chic that Clix!

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It is amazing to grow up along side of the families we photograph.  Meeting people and seeing them have kids and kids and kids.  It is great to see them grow up  and families change through the years….as yes it has now been years that I have been doing this!

After we take your photos everyone wonders – What do we do now?  What can we do with these?

Or the very common – I like them all but where do I put them?  We have so many options and always encourage you to come into the studio after your session for a design appointment.  Then we can sit down with you, review your favorite family photos and help you design a finished print, wall collage, album or even jewelry.  This works just as well for in studio family sessions as well as outdoor sessions throughout Edmonton.

One very popular idea is our Euro Collection.  This is 4 framed square prints framed in a sleek modern frame.  We can make the prints any size that will fit your wall, or we can add additional photos to this collection – you have 6, 8 favs?  No problem.

And thanks again T and L for bringing in the boys for their photos!

kids and families

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