Why She Clix

Trust the times of your life to “the chic who clix!”

We think the greatest image is… a portrait in the way the subject wishes to be seen.
Have your portraits taken where you know they’ll turn out best.

Guess what…

We’ve known each other now for 15 years! We’ve been on vacation together, I’ve been to your birthdays and had fun at your parties. I’ve enjoyed your weddings, celebrated your anniversaries and grieved your sorrows. All this time it’s always been a pleasure…we’ve truly “clicked”. Thank you!
I believe wedding photographs should be about emotions, relationships and love. I believe children’s photographs should be about bringing out who they are – about their true expressions and true self. I believe family photographs should be about the family dynamics, about connection and unity. And commercial photographs are about the true purpose, the best qualities of what is being shown. This is what I can bring to you – because I am the photographer that you need.

…Oh and you’ll have fun too!

But don’t take it from me.  Take it from Pete.

“Capturing the culture of a company is an extremely difficult thing to achieve but we were determined to show how dynamic and fun our people, company and culture truly is.  After viewing the work that Cindy Gannon has achieved, we immediately knew that she was capable of providing more then simply images.  If professional, experienced photography that captivates is what you are looking for, Cindy Gannon is my recommendation”

Pete Kmech


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